Online reputation can make or break a company. Reputation management has become a must for any private organization in order to survive.

But there are many misunderstandings related to this concept hence it is necessary to explain basic concepts of reputation management so that companies can benefit from it.

With the rise of internet usage worldwide internet has become more than just an advertising medium, social media tools help the organization to have one on one interaction with its visitors. There is the blog, post; tweets were written about every major company worldwide hence it should be taken into notice what is the general opinion about your company on the internet.

Taking feedback from customers could be a risky proposition which should be initiated smartly in order to ensure that the company does become too honest or straightforward that competitors take advantage of it. Most emerging and new company do not focus a lot on transparency whereas large established company focus on it.  From this, it could be inferred that transparency is less dangerous for large organizations. If there are many criticisms of the company then the transparency can take a back seat and company should make tackling these issues the topmost priority.

Besides, that criticism should be taken as an opportunity to improve.

One must also keep a track of hate sites and negative review promoting pages which would damage the company’s reputation. One should complain about these sites to legal authorities if these pages are performing not only unethical but illegal practices which are damaging your company’s image.