For a company to survive in a competitive environment it is necessary to continuously innovate, an outdated website won’t be able to meet the needs of customer.

Website redesign is not always a guarantee that it would increase or at least sustain the existing traffic; there are many instances that the website could drastically lose traffic within days of its redesign.

The following can be done to avoid net traffic loss while redesigning a website

  • By making redesign team regularly consult a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategist would help in ensuring that there are minimal losses due to website redesign. Also they could provide valuable inputs to improve traffic levels after redesign
  • Before redesigning website one should study the design of existing website in order to ensure that the positive of the existing website design remain and its shortcomings could be removed to ensure larger traffic after redesign.
  • Redirects should be set up in order to ensure that if the website location is moved it could be accessed to the new location by user via redirects
  • One should create a new sitemap prior to launching website which would include the most important pages of the website. The website should have general over view rather than comprehensive listing.
  • Before launching the website one should also ensure that the analytical tracking code of the website in its place to ensure no traffic loss

There are various reasons for the website to witness traffic drops after redesign such as

  • Redirects which causes the websites to automatically bypass a page between the page the customer was and which he intends to access could be a reason for traffic loss. The url of website should be redesigned and 301 redirects should be implemented in order to regain lost traffic due to redirects.
  • Site structure: If the website has undergone drastic site structure change that it could cause loss of net traffic.
  • In that case a new site map needs to be created that would help in re-indexing of web pages and restoring web traffic
  • Often during site redesign we witness that there could be site copies found which could cause the website to lose traffic due similar net searches.

It would take weeks at least to restore net traffic to initial levels, hence it is necessary that the measures taken to avoid the net traffic loss due to website redesign.