Imagine yourself to be in the 1950s with no internet, mobile phone or a personal computer, most of your daily affairs would become almost impossible to conduct, that’s the beauty of automation. Automation has provided a convenient option for us to provide a convenient option to conduct task more effectively and efficiently.

Automation as of now exists in about many types of medium namely Robotics, Automobiles, Appliances and virtual applications. The potential of automation is endless, in today world almost every industry uses the tools of automation in order to achieve positive results. This technological innovation is the most versatile innovation and could work in the various environment whether its land, sea or air.

But like two sides of a coin, this technology has its own drawbacks, for instance, the issue of layoffs in various sectors such as IT industry is an obvious flaw, also it also has made us very lazy and dependent on technology for even basic tasks such as buying grocery. Although these products can also be used in the various industry their task is limited to simple decisions and they lack the human intellect to perform complex tasks.

So, the most rational solution for automation should be to ensure that they are used for efficient usage for social causes and benefit of humanity, also we should ensure that we don’t become too dependent on technology.

Online reputation can make or break a company. Reputation management has become a must for any private organization in order to survive.

But there are many misunderstandings related to this concept hence it is necessary to explain basic concepts of reputation management so that companies can benefit from it.

With the rise of internet usage worldwide internet has become more than just an advertising medium, social media tools help the organization to have one on one interaction with its visitors. There is the blog, post; tweets were written about every major company worldwide hence it should be taken into notice what is the general opinion about your company on the internet.

Taking feedback from customers could be a risky proposition which should be initiated smartly in order to ensure that the company does become too honest or straightforward that competitors take advantage of it. Most emerging and new company do not focus a lot on transparency whereas large established company focus on it.  From this, it could be inferred that transparency is less dangerous for large organizations. If there are many criticisms of the company then the transparency can take a back seat and company should make tackling these issues the topmost priority.

Besides, that criticism should be taken as an opportunity to improve.

One must also keep a track of hate sites and negative review promoting pages which would damage the company’s reputation. One should complain about these sites to legal authorities if these pages are performing not only unethical but illegal practices which are damaging your company’s image.

With a share of 65% of all searches worldwide, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine in the word. The word Google has become a synonymous word for search something in the internet.
Whenever any company has the largest competition in the industry, the industry tends to become a monopoly and Google is no exception. The search engine optimization of Google could be manipulated accordingly to the highest bidder, thus the searches of Google are more about what it wants you to see rather than what you want to see.

Thus for a change it won’t be a bad idea to look for alternatives to get desired searches.

With almost 1/5th of the search engine traffic Microsoft’s default search is a good alternative of Google; also to its advantage on certain aspects it even outperforms Google.
For instance it provides twice as many auto complete suggestions compared to Google, it could also predict correctly whether the airfares would increase or decrease.

Duck Duck Go
Unlike Google Duck Duck Go does not store user data thus ensuring that its searches are not being manipulated according to the user’s previous searches

As of now Quora is the most popular query platform in the internet, the answers of most complex questions are answered here. The user base consists of well known experts from various parts of the world thus providing genuine and authentic answers.

Dogpile is a search engine which provides results from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing without the ads thus providing convenience and ease of access to the user.

Youtube is the default video sharing website of Google, thus as an alternative Vimeo is a video sharing website which has rich video content without the ads.

Yandex is the most popular search engine is Russia which has a good display with favicons which could be viewed by the user

Board Reader
The searches of this website are based on forums and message boards, thus the user gets the information based on subject from different points of view.

It is an effective search engine to calculate any data or get answers about questions efficiently.

The best part of this search engine is that it does not store any user data such as location thus maintaining the privacy of the user.
It is an effective Q&A website which can help in finding solutions of various queries of the user

Slideshare is good source of presentations and slides.

This website helps in creating a topic page which would bookmark and see results from various channels (Google, Yahoo) in a single page

Creative Commons Search
This website helps to find copyright free images which could be used by user without facing any copyright infringement.

Giphy is a search engine completely dedicated to gifs and shows all its searches are basically gifs.

There is no doubt that digital marketing strategy is a must in today’s world but for any company to have an edge over its competitors it also use traditional marketing strategies alongside.

Prior to the innovation and social takeover, brands could tenderly position themselves before the gathering of people utilizing conventional systems, for example, daily paper promotions, TV appearances or radio notices – all mediums that had the capacity to guide clients to a brand. Be that as it may, with the developing requirement for quick data, and the changing manners by which purchasers get to it, brands have been compelled to respond, expecting to overwhelm each promoting stage conceivable just to stay unmistakable. With this comes a showcasing system upgrade, wedding the effortlessness and viability of conventional methods with the moment esteem brought through computerized channels. The adjustment in the client approach, and thus the business travel, has made brands move strongly into the advanced world, regardless of whether prepared to or not. Albeit advanced now makes up around 60% of promoting endeavors, as indicated by, 13% of advertisers still depend vigorously on customary strategies, inflexible despite everything they accomplish the coveted outcomes. It is concentrates, for example, this that demonstrate the benefit of blending both conventional and computerized systems, to make a balanced, information drove way to deal with client engagement and brand situating. While we perceive the estimation of presenting and concentrating on advanced, one brand took this thought too far, decreasing all action to make only a computerized technique.

Adopting the computerized strategy that above and beyond, brands like Daniel Wellington and ASOS are concentrating their endeavors on utilizing key players in the realm of design and big name to help manufacture their image personality and to at last, drive deals. The strategy is basic. Distinguish the influencers that talk specifically to the group of onlookers, requesting that they post consistently crosswise over social channels (overwhelmingly Instagram) about various items. Kick back and sit tight for the statistic to manufacture mark acknowledgment and devotion making the requests come in. Influencers have a great deal of control over their adherents, as the normal individual winds up concentrated on endeavoring to imitate everything from what they wear, the spots they visit, notwithstanding embracing their perspectives in some outrageous cases. The enthusiasm that adherents have for their ‘influencers’ of decision is at the core of this showcasing approach and the very explanation behind its prosperity. Daniel Wellington is currently a key player inside the watch advertise and has built up its image personality using precisely chose influencers, building up themselves in the commercial center as a top of the line watch planner supported in VIP circles. As a feature of the brand’s approach, influencers and ‘superstars, for example, the cast of Love Island and TOWIE, are paid to convey general Instagram posts about the watches, while offering supporters cash off rebates with singular codes (an extraordinary route for the brand’s advertising group to distinguish which big name is best at transforming adherents into clients).

We’ve moved into a time where customary and advanced showcasing strategies can supplement each other, enabling brands to expand the manners by which they achieve the buyer. In any case, it is so critical to pick an approach that works for the customer, as opposed to one that fits in with a perfect. Promoting’s exceptionally reason for existing is to enable brands to position themselves before the objective statistic and in the event that they are inaccessible, or changed off to specific stages, the showcasing system winds up trivial. We have seen some huge brand names either get it completely right or marvelously wrong, and every offer significant lessons for those hoping to overwhelm their commercial center.

In the world of marketing web designing and graphic designing seem to be similar concepts but if we look deeper it would come into notice that web designing and graphic designing have various differences hence are used in different industries differently.

Website are more of dynamic medium compared to a physical design, website offer a more interactive medium. Also web designer need to ensure that the website is a good experience for the customer. Although both web and graphic designers have a great part of similar ranges of abilities as web designers. They both know typography, shading palettes, and the tenets of structure and formats. In many instances web designers focus on how these components influence online interactivity and convenience. Web designers need to ensure that their file sizes are less and easy to load ensuring that there is a proper balance between quality and quantity. Web designers need to ensure that their digital content is appropriate visible in various devices and web browsers in order to obtain a diversified and large market share. Web designers are also concerned about the broad application of their design. Web designers have to consistently advance their designs in order to ensure stable and steady growth of the websites. Web designers need to be constantly in touch with their customers through the medium of various websites such as Google analytics in order to ensure that their website is popular and up to date. Unlike graphic designers who tend to work in isolation web designers need to be work in sync in web developers in order to ensure feasibility of the setting up and designing of website, in a bid to maintain feasibility of a website there can be instances where the web designers could lose focus on his original design goals, hence the web designer need to ensure that website is feasible without compromising the quality content.

Both Graphic and Web Designers use the concept of digital storytelling in order to promote products and services of a company but they are employed in different industries and departments although often the description of a graphic and web designer overlap, it is important to ensure that these two aspects of designing are used appropriately according to needs and demands of the company.

Everybody is keen on enhancing their visibility on the web. People are searching for easy routes. The truth is that SEO is to a greater extent a long amusement and anybody promising speedy outcomes ought to be welcomed with scepticism. This blog will separate the means expected to support your visibility in the Search Engine result pages (SERPs). All things considered, I know you are similarly intrigued by knowing a certain something. Website design enhancement doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Each circumstance offers a novel arrangement of factors. Expertise, spending plan, the level of rivalry, and how your site stacks up against the opposition would all be able to assume a part in how rapidly one can move the dial. Along these lines, remembering that, how about we separate it in a more quantifiable sense and audit what you can do to get things going sooner, instead of later. Due to rapid changes in SERP it is unlikely to find a tried and tested formula in SEO instead the websites with time need to improvise to continuously stay at the top.

Fixing duplicate content would ensure that the websites have a sound foundation.The website should also be optimized according to the website and speed.The link of the website should be not broken and should be optimized according to the referrals of other websites. As Google keeps on shutting the entryway on spammy systems and plans, anybody genuine about computerized promoting requirements to take a long view. The procedures specified above aren’t attractive or new. They do, be that as it may, require work and a nonstop speculation of assets.

YouTube is popular and effective medium, its influential power cannot be underestimated. Having a YouTube channel is a must for every company. Here are some suggestions to improve the overall YouTube presence.

  • Although it is difficult for new comers to establish a genuine presence in YouTube but they can take following decisions which could improve the performance of their YouTube page in long term. For instance Youtube can be used to create an effective reputation management.
  • Also Youtube can be used for effective conversions, it is said that an impressive Youtube page ensures that 1 out 3 youngsters would prefer the buying from the associated company.
  • Creating a calendar schedule for desgining page would ensure that the website has optimum YouTube design.
  • Another extraordinary measure is to connect with YouTube bloggers in your specialty. Some of them will be cheerful to work for you, and as a reward you’ll be compensated with extra introduction from their own marking and web-based social networking channels.
  • I could locate an extraordinary YouTube blogger to work for my customer for as low as $75 per video; those recordings were of best quality and transfer prepared.
  • Aside from fundamental catchphrase coordinating utilizing video title and depiction, YouTube utilizes other video-particular measurements to decide how frequently the video ought to be proposed beside related recordings and how high it should rank in indexed lists.
  • Using tools such as YouTube analytics would help the company to keep a continuous progress of the YouTube channel.

Building a YouTube channel is hard work. You’re probably going to see next to zero action for quite a long time at any given moment, possibly months after you begin dealing with it. Try not to give this a chance to debilitate you. It’s a major stage with heaps of chance, and on the off chance that you continue working reliably; you’ll see significant progress in future.

Visual is a necessity to produce an effective method to create satisfied customers.


It is a misconception that the large corporations can benefit from the user interface due to their existing brand awareness, in fact, the emerging startups and brand could benefit highly from the user interface and user experience design even more than established brands.

The user interface is what the designer creates for the user whereas the user experience is how the user uses it. UI is nearer to what we consider visual outline.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are often used interchangeably whereas their meaning and usage in designing are quite contrasting, knowing the difference between UI and UX help in creating a competitive advantage of the product among users. While designing the website one must ensure that the information on the website is well organized and there is an adequate flow of information.

It should be taken into notice that the ease of access and usability of website promotes the usability of the website and application. Using interactive animations can do wonders for the website. Amazon realizes the potential of animations in website thus uses interactive animations on its website and because of that, we witness recurring customers on the website.

The design of UI should be simple and easy to understand and the layout of the design should be consistent to ensure that the designs are less frustrating for the customer.

With time designs should also be refurbished consistently to ensure the UI of the website does not become monotonous and boring.

Knowing the distinction amongst UX and UI is a good start. Knowing how to utilize them according to your website is the most important factor the corporations need to understand

Keywords on the past have been the vital part of SEO, usage of keywords have been the priority for the digital marketers to promote their goods but are they still relevant in 2018.

The search engine algorithm  has become advanced, it not only asses the no of keywords but also the density of those keywords, Google panda was the first update which focuses more on keyword density rather than no of keywords during SEO.

For instance Google algorithm is now able to filter out keywords which are basically synonyms and not just that Google hummingbird algorithm helps Google in finding the real meaning behind those keywords.

Rankbrain is another update which helps in understanding the reason behind the various search terms, writing user centric keywords helps in organic search more than multiple keywords. Hence it would be beneficial to provide various keywords which are relevant to ensure high Google ranking.

The aim of advertisers should be to make searches more user centric, the whole process of  finding and creating relevant keywords could be time consuming but it is worth it.

With the rise of Internet social media platform have become more than just a medium of communication, today every major company has a social media account at least in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It has become an integral park of marketing strategy of any company. While web-based social networking isn’t the solution for online marketing issues, it can assume a considerable part in getting you generous outcomes.

Direct benefits of social media include straight forward interactions with fans, consumers etc in order to understand consumer needs and preferences better and more efficiently. Many companies pay hefty amount to social media giants such as Facebook to display their advertisements.

When a company creates a social media account and connects with its follower they would view the company’s content and share it with their peers who would then share it with others thus creating a multiplier effect and creating an efficient medium to promote their products and services on a global scale. Besides many of the follower of the company could be the target audience, thus helping in creating a better and efficient goods with assistance and feedback from target audience, and when the company does make change in accordance to the feedback received from customers it improves the client retention and it give an impression that the client has a say in the company’s production process and thus creating customer retention and brand loyalty.

Using social media the company can post their website address or links to their new letter and blogs, which would in turn create larger website traffic and hence would be a beneficial strategy for the company to increase the presence on the internet which in turn would boost the company’s popularity worldwide.

If a company has a promoting message and it needs to spread it to the fans and customers worldwide as soon as possible, it could simply post it the web-based social networking accounts.

Using social media accounts the company can also keep track of the activities of its competitors and the industry as a whole, in a ever changing world it is necessary for a company to consistently innovate in order to avoid becoming obsolete, hence social media is a power full medium which could a help a company to constantly and consistently innovate according to the industry needs. Using the knowledge of the competitor’s strategy the company can work accordingly to retain and grow its market base and share.

In conclusion we could say that social media has become a necessity of any company who wishes to remain a leader in its industry and wishes to connect to its consumer in order to work efficiently to match according to consumer needs and preferences.