Web design is an important part of any business; it would be a grave mistake to overlook the digital presence of a business. To ensure consistent business growth one must ensure that that the web design is taken into consideration while creating a business strategy.

An impressive web design creates a sense of trust among the viewers; a website is the face of the company the more satisfactory the website performance more likely the customer will purchase goods.
Below are some tried and tested approaches to ensure a positive and satisfactory experience for designers.

  • Using video in your website generates interest among the viewers, it depends on you whether you wish to incorporate video on the home page or specific website. According to a recent survey by Statisa more than 3/4th of internet users worldwide view at videos while surfing hence it becomes more obvious to add videos in your website
  • A visitor tends to use minimum effort while surfing hence it is quite unlikely that he would click the link to obtain information about the website; here parallax scrolling comes to the rescue.
  • Parallax scrolling ensures that information about the website is conveyed to the visitor with an effort of a scroll
  • Using animation tools would help in making the website more interactive and interesting. Several websites such as Facebook, Airbnb use animation to attract visitors.
  • Using typography boring text could be transformed into an interesting visual article. It completely depends on how you use typography during web design.
  • AI is an emerging feature prevalent in web designs. A chatbot is one of the AI tools which is prominently used by the website which helps in promoting interaction with users.

Websites must be designed from the customers’ point to view, it should represent the brand and provide users the relevant information they seek while buying a product.

On 15th February Google launched a new version of a chrome web browser one of the main features of the version was that it would have an inbuilt ad block feature, it would now automatically block ads on the various websites visited.

The purpose of this update is to improve the overall surfing experience of the user, as it is found that irrelevant ads is the single most annoying issue faced by user. For quite some time usage of various third party ad block application has become a trend particularly in Asia Pacific region.

There was a possibility that these third party apps would block ads of Google display network hence Google found it appropriate to launch its own ad blocker.

But from Google point of view it cannot simply ban all advertisement on the net as it is an open secret that advertisements are the main source of Google. So it needs to display sufficient advertisements without affecting the viewing experience of the user.

According to popular user reviews advertisements such as popup ads, sticky ads in desktop and popup ads with sounds in mobile received mostly negative reviews hence these advertisements are most likely to be affected.

Google claims that at most only 1% of their publishers would be affected by this ad block feature, Google will warn websites about their failing advertisements, thus providing an opportunity to improve their advertisements.

Google would provide 30 days deadline to websites to improve their website failing to which they would block their advertisements.

It is important for online marketers to know how this ad block feature would affect their marketing strategy. Google aims to bring a coalition between publishers to provide a customer friendly experience to the user.

Although publishers would be affected by this move, the strategy of Google to introduce ad block feature is a positive move to improve customer viewing experience of a website.

Growth of business is not the destination but a journey which every business has to go through to ensure survival in the competitive industry. Although the growth of business depends from industry to industry but it is inevitable that the business would survive without growth.

Here are some business tips which would help in its growth

  • Get more customers in the existing market, study the needs and preferences of the existing markets which would cause more effective market penetration
  • By providing various incentives such a discounts to existing customers would help in increased customer base. Companies such as Google (Gmail), One Plus highly benefited from this strategy.
  • Constant innovation of product or service is a must to ensure survival and growth of business, also they should be diversified to ensure maximum market reach.
  • After the growth in existing market reaches its saturation point, you should increase your market base by setting up stores or providing services at new locations.
  • Displaying goods in tradeshow is an efficient strategy of promotion of goods.
  • While business growth is necessity, keep a check on costs while expanding the business.
  • Franchising your successful business plan ensures the fast track growth of business
  • Offering after sale services such as conducting classes and workshop on how to use goods and service effectively would ensure higher customer retentivity.
  • CSR activities such as philanthropy would create a positive image of the company
  • Usage of social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook would help in growth of business.
  • Creating a forum such as a blog would help the business to connect with their customers in real time which would help in learning the emerging needs and preferences of the customers.

A combination of various marketing strategies would ensure the efficient growth of the business which would generate higher profits for the company.

Email is one the most powerful tools a company could use to communicate with its existing and potential customers, the inbox of the visitors email could be a useful medium to directly ensure that the customer gets information about the company’s latest products and services. If used efficiently it could efficiently improve customer base more than any other social media platform. According to the top marketing experts email is the most effective medium for small to medium businesses to connect to customers and it is the most cost effective method to gain customer base.

Here are various marketing tips to ensure higher customer engagement among subscribers

  • Using new signups strategy the website could ensure net traffic on the website. By providing various incentives such as premium discount on signup would ensure a higher rate of subscription. While displaying the subscription message on the website, these aspect need to be looked upon
    • The subject line should be conversational
    • The website should inform the benefits of signing up
    • The welcome message should have link to access to the company’s social media page on various platform
  • Post sign up the websites must ensure that there are thank you mails sent to every new subscriber, this small gesture could do wonder to the customer base. As the thank you mail provides a sense of gratitude towards the new subscriber. The thank you note could be an effective medium to inform the customer about latest offers and benefits of subscription.
  • Sending teaser email to subscriber would generate a sense of curiosity among the subscriber and would help in increasing the net traffic in the company’s website. There should be effective storytelling in order to ensure subscriber retentively.
  • By continuously providing the customers with latest and upcoming offers would ensure that customers are informed about latest updates and events based on company.
  • Using various promotional contest such as benefits of sending subscription request to friends would ensure higher subscription of email, as it is basic human psychology that a customer is inclined to freebies and offers.

Besides all these measure company can do a lot to retain customer engagement such as periodically asking for customer feedback, reminder email and regular social media contest to sustain customer subscription.

• Web designs have become more than just traditional web deigns. The web designers of today not only work on making the website visual stunning for the viewer but also ensuring that the website has ease of usage for the user
• Conversational UI (User Interface) is an important aspect of any website, it shows the website’s interactivity, UI helps in creating a sense of customers satisfactory experience
• Using various GIF help in making a website look attractive and interesting, various software such as Photoshop can be used to create gifs
• Responsive design are made which are adaptable to various devices and platforms, gone are those days when websites were made based on PC, now different websites with UI are used in accordance to the different devices such as mobile, tablets etc
• There is minimum usage of web design rather more information is displayed on website in form of cards, prominent streaming sites such as Netflix and amazon prime use this designing strategy to make website attractive.
• Data analytic tools are another feature which is gaining prominence, the feature allowing the users view and infer statistical and graphical data help in generating interest among viewers.
• Using authentic photographs in small number create a sense of honesty among the viewers which helps in boosting the website’s overall popularity
• Using material design the quality and content of the page could be improved, it is a method for planning to make an order of significance and significance on the page, attracting the client’s concentration to various territories at the same time moving and reacting to the client’s activities. It has become a must in web designing and become popular because of its adaptability in various platforms.
• Although long scrolling websites is a double edged sword, websites such as facebook and twitter use long scrolling design method. If the web designer could use innovative methods to make website interesting it could do wonders for the website, new feed is one of the many examples where long scroll has been used efficiently in websites
• Using big and bold typography message manage to give subtle message to the viewers and that’s why it has become a trend to showcase large typographic messages in website homepage.

Slow loading web pages can turn into the main source of high bounce rates, low client engagement and poor website performance.

47% of customers expect that a website page will load under 2 seconds. 40% of online customers exit a site page on the off chance that it takes over 3 seconds to stack. A 1 second delay in page loading can lead to a 16% plunge in consumer loyalty and a 11% decrease in website visit.

Using grid instead is an efficient method to reduce the loading page instead of using long grids. Not only is it less data intensive it also improves the overall outlook and appearance of the website.

Reducing the number of http request would be an efficient tool to reduce the loading page of the website and ensuring that the speed of the website increases.

The comments of the users should be divided into page to ensure the loading time of the website page is low. The website should be upgraded to the latest PHP version.

Applications such as Gzip could be used to compress the website’s content heavy components such as Plugins.
Many web hosts can provide important information regarding web traffic to help improving the speed of your website.
Each couple of milliseconds of change in your page’s loading speed and could bring improvements in web traffic and conversion rates.

User experience is the life line of any marketing strategy, without positive user experience no marketing product can survive, if a website faces negative user experience then the marketing strategy need to be modified in order to obtain a positive user experience. User experience provides a feed about how the user feels about the company. It is estimated that by 2020 user experience would be single most important brand differentiator surpassing both price and brand. User experience can reduce bounce rates for a website .It is estimated that for every rupee spent on User experience there is expected returns of about 100 rupees this making user experience a profitable venture for companies
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