Digital Marketing Trends in India 2018-2020: 

Introduction of 4g, data cost reduced, increasing craze of smart phones and their addiction has boosted digital revolution in India. The step is will definitely lead to replacement of traditional media within three years, as per the report of Economic Times. The Indian digital ad industry is currently stuck at around Rs. 8202 crore.

Digital media is an economic activity. It provides opportunity to do business. It is not just a medium of exchange. Due to increasing demands and needs of digital media, huge opportunity is being created for the marketers. It is because of the audience that such boom is found in the area. To attract more and more consumers and to fetch huge deals, marketers are coming up with extra ordinary innovations. Every business, agent, marketer and sub agent is being affected by digital media in way or the other way. It is an urgent need to participate in this competition or else leave the field. In one way it is the best chance for audience as they will be served the best in the battlefield. Interaction with consumers, latest technology and attention to needs are notified by the innovators. It is not just about building brands and exchanging ideas; it’s about behavioral changes among consumers. There are various problems that many don’t understand.

Various means and formats of digital media are available, and these are ever increasing due to advancement in technology. According to the reports on digital advertising by Dentsu Aegis Network, the contribution by social media is 28%, with equally significant social searching platforms such as search engines and other sites contribute nearly 26%. Display and video contribute up to 19% and 21% respectively. Others contribute about 6%. It is found that biggest spenders include E-commerce, telecom, FMCG as well as BFSI. The highest percentage includes E-commerce and telecom. The reports predict that video is expected to see the highest CAGR of around 38% and will have a share of 22% by 2020. CAGR growth of spends on display shall be 36%. Search may show a slower growth rate of 25% which will definitely reduce its share in spending. India is a growing mobile and internet sensation.

 It is found that the addiction and need of accessing internet is increasing day by day. Due to advancement in technology and increasing pace of globalization, youth and even adults are getting more and more close to digital markets and internet. 21% of the Indian population accessed internet daily by 2017, as per the reports. 85% of the Internet user base spends up to 1/4th of their waking hours on the internet. As per the predictions, these statistics will have an substantial growth in coming 4 years. Currently, the internet population of the nation is 430 million, including 300 million urban and 129 million rural. This is going to rise to about 740 million by 2020, as per the estimate by TRAI. Report also predicts that the digital Media currently spends 15% of total advertising which will reach to 24% of complete market by 2020.