Visual is a necessity to produce an effective method to create satisfied customers.


It is a misconception that the large corporations can benefit from the user interface due to their existing brand awareness, in fact, the emerging startups and brand could benefit highly from the user interface and user experience design even more than established brands.

The user interface is what the designer creates for the user whereas the user experience is how the user uses it. UI is nearer to what we consider visual outline.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are often used interchangeably whereas their meaning and usage in designing are quite contrasting, knowing the difference between UI and UX help in creating a competitive advantage of the product among users. While designing the website one must ensure that the information on the website is well organized and there is an adequate flow of information.

It should be taken into notice that the ease of access and usability of website promotes the usability of the website and application. Using interactive animations can do wonders for the website. Amazon realizes the potential of animations in website thus uses interactive animations on its website and because of that, we witness recurring customers on the website.

The design of UI should be simple and easy to understand and the layout of the design should be consistent to ensure that the designs are less frustrating for the customer.

With time designs should also be refurbished consistently to ensure the UI of the website does not become monotonous and boring.

Knowing the distinction amongst UX and UI is a good start. Knowing how to utilize them according to your website is the most important factor the corporations need to understand