Web Designing has a huge impact on the customer experience, the success of company depends on the customer experience, but every aspect of the web design has different effect on customer experience.

There are various aspects of web design which should be looked upon to generate a better customer experience


There is a need to create a website that is neither too old fashioned nor too advanced and complex. To create a balance between simple old and advanced complex it is necessary to create website that is simple and easy to use.
Various modern design trends such as responsive design to make it a good experience for user,
Parallax scrolling to provide an eye catchy visual experience, bold fonts making the information easy to read and multimedia are required to make a website with a good visual experience


The website should provide an impression of professionalism in order to ensure that the visitors of the website take the content of the website seriously. Sharing various information such as photo of staff and customer experience are important aspect portraying professionalism in website. Creating a culture page to show various activities done by company would help the website to establish its status as a professional website.


Clarity is necessary to ensure that the data on the website is easy to access, and is relevant to the needs and demands of the visitor.
Breadcrumb navigation would help the user to access the previously opened tab.
Drop Down menu would help the user to access data based on various categories.

Load Time

Load time of a website should be as minimum as possible in order to ensure low bounce rate. There could be various reasons high load time such as poor server quality or server failure, high memory of website content.
Using simple modifications such as optimizing file size, removing auto play and utilizing the blank white spaces in the websites.


Conversion from a freeloader customer to a paid customer is one the most crucial aspects of the web design.

Using appropriate color scheme helps in conversion
The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle helps in creating simple designs and ensuring they are also efficient designs.
Using human faces helps the company to show the human side of the company which would ensure large customer base in long time.