Content marketing is the practice of publishing content which creates an interest in company’s product or brand by not directly advertising, for instance Home depot is a website which provides simple measures to repair minor cracks in the homes instead of hiring a repairman.

This practice helps in creating generating internet traffic in their website which is beneficial for the company; this also helps in customers get more inclined to buy their products rather than competitor’s.
Bad design or lack of it in the website would tend to repel potential valuable customers, hence is important to have a captivating web design to attract probable customers.

Here are some ways how web designing affects content marketing

  • If the website is heavy content driven it should be simultaneously be accessible, if a visitor finds difficult to access desired information on the website, the chances are he would switch to the competitors website. Creating easy to access drop down menu is an efficient method to create content driven but accessible website.
  • If the website has dull color and looks unprofessional, judgments would be made on website’s authenticity and irrespective of its accessibility and ease of access the website would not generate significant views.
  • Alongside the general look of your site, your content ought to be outwardly engaging and simple to peruse. An excessive number of text styles can be overpowering and amateurish, and you can normally stick to one textual style for titles and another for body duplicate.
  • Choosing right font and color of background is also necessary while designing website, if color of font and website are very similar the visitor might not even bother to read the content.
  • Comprehension is an important part of content marketing; besides text it is important to introduce visuals in the website. Many visitors are visuals learner and with right and appropriate amount of visuals the visitor would have interest generated towards the website, posting videos about using products would generate interest among visitors.

Right amount of appropriate content and design inputs can do wonders to the website and company. The aim of content marketing is to make the website a desirable and enjoyable experience for the visitor without compromising the data. Website focusing on content marketing with appropriate design would generate favorable outcomes from this strategy.