It’s a no brainer that the Google ranking of a website is the top most priority for any IT company. In today’s world a company’s official website serves as its foundation, no matter how well the products and services the company has to offer without a decent position in Google ranking it cannot become a successful company globally.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is no magic, with proper inputs, well thought strategy and combination of creativity and hard work could provide a good amount of organic search which would be beneficial for the organization.

Here are some suggestions which would help in optimizing off page and on page SEO

  • Firstly one needs to understand what a Google search algorithm is and how it works. To ensure long term success one need to track the changes in Google algorithm, as these changes are not publically announced or described hence it becomes more important to keep a track of them. Google webmaster general is one of the many databases which could help in studying the Google algorithm
  • Assessing the website’s current position is an important reality check which helps in developing an effective SEO strategy.
    • Several websites such as SERP help in understanding the ranking of various keywords associated with the company
    • Google Page Speed Insights, Web Page Test help in studying the website speed test.
    • Domain health report would help in studying the websites performance holistically and provide issues related to the website which could be sorted.
    • Tools such as website penalty indicator could be used to keep a check whether new Google algorithms affect the website’s overall traffic
  • The various statistical tools organic traffic share, organic traffic conversion and keywords need to be studied precisely; an SEO dashboard could be used to measure these statistics.
  • It is surprising that official websites of many well known corporation are not mobile friendly, this error leads to significant loss to the web traffic and organic search. Not only should the website be compatible with every device and platform it should also be optimized specifically to every web browsing medium.
  • After the current issues of the existing website are discovered, the website should be optimized accordingly to ensure the website’s good health.
  • While optimizing ensure that excessive rich keywords and irrelevant should be avoided, as over optimization would result in penalization of website.
  • Keywords need to be optimized according to the target audience to obtain higher Google page ranking

Improving Google page ranking is a huge challenge which requires time and effort, but once one become comfortable with the work and functioning of Google page ranking, it could be efficiently used to provide positive results to the organization via website.