For many years the business marketers worldwide have used funnel as a business model for marketing.

It is a virtual tool in which all the sales prospects are poured into while going through funnel it undergoes various stages and has interaction with customers and sales personnel etc depending on the stage.

In older times when there were no major mediums for marketing thus the funnel was pretty narrow because there were only few prospects which entered the funnel and even fewer which exited it. It was easier to remove the non productive marketing prospects back then. Because the customer base was small the seller and customers had a fairly mutual satisfactory experience.
With the emergence of mediums such as television, radio, the concept of mass marketing was realized which caused the wider opening of funnel, with the increase of customer base the marketing prospects also increased.

The internet has further widened the funnel. Emerging technologies such as big data have provided ample information about the marketing behavior of customer which helps them to sell their products more effectively.

Mass marketing has its fair share of disadvantages too, as it is a less personalized approach to marketing. The seller would lack the knowledge of preference of individual buyer and would have to wait to learn the overall marketing prospects.

With the rise of mass marketing, the marketer is losing his influence on individual buyers as the marketers lack the time and space to interact with individual customers.
To deal with this issue the marketer can use another emerging strategy called inbound marketing in which the marketer can use content in the form of blog post, podcasts etc. If done effectively inbound marketing would help the marketers to recognize the marketing prospects early which would help in creating a marketing strategy more effectively.
To be efficient in inbound marketing the marketer must have an appropriate customer profile called persona which would take demographics and customer behavior as factors to obtain relevant information to create a marketing strategy. This would help in creating the perception of sales personnel as a reliable consultant when it comes to buying goods.
Buy laying emphasis on personalization and consultation inbound marketing ensures that more sales opportunities are created by sales person.
With Inbound marketing not only the marketer can ensure high sales but also ensure that a positive experience is provided to the customer.