Computer designer is one of the most ambitious jobs currently in the IT industry; there is huge demand of graphic designers in different service and sector. Besides having necessary skills, it is important to have an impressive portfolio to showcase your talent. On an average a designer’s portfolio is read for about 10 seconds by a recruiter hence he needs to make most of the time in order to secure a job as a designer in the desired company.

Here are some suggestions to make an impressive design portfolio

  • Study the company in which you are applying and create a portfolio showcasing only the relevant and appropriate projects in accordance to the respective company demands. This strategy helps in creating an impression that the job applicant is focused and would manage to work efficiently in accordance to company’s demands.
  • Even if you are aiming to portray yourself as a diversified and adaptable person you should at most show two major projects to showcase your talent and later show some minor projects to showcase your adaptability.
  • Avoid showing just your final versions of your designs, as recruiter are more interested in knowing the approach and thinking of designer. In the past there are many instances where the designers who made beautiful and impressive designs got rejected because of only displaying their end products in their portfolio.
  • While showcasing the projects one should think about client’s goals and how to meet the demands of clients which is both cost and time efficient.
  • The portfolio website should be simple and easy to use, often designers make the mistake to create a website with complex designs and animations in a bid to impress recruiters but it works against his favor.
  • Ensure the relevant data as applicant description, job specialization are present and all the relevant designs can be easily viewed by the client.
  • While making a design template one should ensure that he creates a design template instead of using a default design template. This gives a chance for the applicant to showcase his own personality to make a lasting and memorable first impression.
  • Design template could include showcasing side projects, design blog or a visual personality.