Online Marketing Is The Group Of Powerful Tools Which Is Used To Promoting The Product Or Services. Through The Internet Medium.

Online Marketing Has A Wider Range As Compare The Traditional Marketing Because Through Online Marketing We Can Promote Our Product Or Services Through Website, Face Book Or Digital Marketing Or Social Media Marketing. On Other Hand Traditional Marketing Is Also A Most Recognized Type Of Marketing There Are Several Type Of Traditional Marketing Are- Print, Broadcast, Telephone, Newspaper Etc.

But Now A Day’s Online Marketing Almost Replacing The Traditional Marketing Because Today’s World Is Almost Cover With The Digital Market All Type Of Work Is Done With The Help Of Online. So It Is Easy To Promote The Product Or Services Through Online Medium Rather Than Traditional Medium.

Traditional Market Target Local People And It Is A Simple Process. Traditional Marketing Have An Advantage That Some People Is Not Aware With The Internet They Still Prefer To Watch TV Or Newspaper So At That Point Of Time It Is Easy To Promote The Product Or Services.

Digital marketing have following merits which are follows:

  • Low cost
  • Multiple option
  • Brand recommendation

Digital marketing have some demerits also:

  • Too many options
  • Expensive prize

Traditional market has some merits which are follows:

  • Long lasting
  • Brand recolonization


  • Costly
  • Overlooked
  • Time taken
  • Customization
  • Prize option

Online Marketing include cost of hardware, software, website design and of course time they may include the product or services
Many online product of your company already out there. When customer visits in your website it means they have already checked many links until or unless they can find what they are looking for.
While in traditional marketing we can understand there behavior through the telephone whether customer is interest or not and we can convince them through pitching.