In every industry there are competitors who tend to engage in a proxy war using scammer and scammer, it is necessary that the companies should be able to fight back against these scammers to avoid negative publicity of the website.

High Google page ranking is the ultimate aim of any website, irrelevant content posted by scammer and spammers tend to use unethical SEO techniques which tend to damage the website’s overall reputation.

Here are some techniques which could be used to ensure that websites are protected and are they do not become a victim of these circumstances.

  • Spammers tend to use link farms to directly link the website with high amount of spam related website, which creates a negative outlook of the website for the viewers. This could be avoided by using active link monitoring to keep a track of this link farms and get rid of them.
  • Using Google’s online copyright infringement system one can assure that the website’s content in not being plagiarized openly by spammers and scammers and the website is not penalized.
  • Hacking and malware attacks are the constant threat which websites need to be aware of. Using constant monitoring of web activity would help in tracking any anomalies caused by hackers or spammers thus ensuring the security of website and its sensitive data.
  • The fake reviews of the website should be reported, and the website must ensure only genuine reviews of the website are posted publically on the internet in order to ensure the authenticity of the website.