A year since printerest has launched its lens as a visual search tool, the idea was considered a revolutionary step by social media analyst, but printerest had made it clear that it was still in a developing phase and it would take time to perfect as a visual search tool.

The printrest lens had a profound impact on user base, the number of printrest user increased by 140% since previous year.

There were several developments which contributed to its success such as

  • Introduction of lens in shortcut to facilitate fast search.
  • The accuracy of visual search technology increased significantly since its launch last year.
  • Collaboration with Samsung ensured that the lens reaches to the latest smart phones around the world, while Target enacted visual pursuit to their items.

Pinterest aims to launch enhanced image search which would also include text in its search. It will enable clients to discover precisely what they’re searching for. They can begin with an object s found in shop; they can utilize Interest’s Lens to learn more about the product.
It is an efficient method to incorporate the advantages of visual and content pursuit to help both the shoppers, yet in addition the retailers in fortifying their client travel between the on the web and the offline world.