The search engine results page of Google has consistently became more detail oriented, as user require adequate information about the links before they decide whether to click on the links in result page or not. A usual Google search displays relevant information about the link unlike in traditional search engine which generally display a list of links. Rich results have become a USP of a search engine which also include product review, recipe of a product etc.

Rich results in a search engine have many benefits of its own such as:

  • It makes easier for user to use the search engine and visit the desired website via search engine
  • It ensures lower bounce rate for the search engine
  • Due to detailed information about the results it also help in providing high click through rate, as the information is more easily accessible due to higher efficiency of search engine.
  • All these factors working in tandem would help in increasing the website ranking and net traffic hence rich results is important for a search engine.

    Structured data is all the information of the webpage and its relevant content. The major known structured data are JSON, Micro data and RDFa, of the three JSON is considered the best majorly because of its clear and precise data. Besides that it is being recommended by Google itself, which makes it a default choice of structured data.
    While structure data are the format of the data, schema markup is the language or vocabulary of how the data is written. Search engines such as Google analyze and asses the schema markup to ensure it is correct. As long as markup is not used as hidden content, the markup does not directly affect the organic search of the website.

    In December 2017, Google launched the rich test results tool to analyze whether the given website page is eligible for rich results; it is an efficient tool to quantify the efficiency of the website. If the website is rich enough, it could be sent to the testing tools using Google, although the tool is in its prototype stage it would be an efficient tool in future.

    The can be instances when the content of the website would have to be edited consistently in order to obtain rich results. It could also take 2-3 week to obtain desired rich results; hence patience is a necessary requirement to obtain rich results.

    In conclusion implementing rich data in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the paramount priority for any website, launch of Google rich results tools justifies the importance of rich results in a website.
    Providing more relevant results and information would be the priority for any search engine