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Web Design & Development

To any website, its just a matter of seconds to make first impressions. At very first sight, visitor should get an idea on what does this website deal in? What products/services does it offer? How easy to navigate it is etc?

Making just beautiful designs/graphics may not help you to achieve your expected goals. There must be a perfect balance of creative designs and content positioning to engage your target audience and we know the perfect recipe. We do not make just beautiful visuals, but a meaningful framework so visitor can have better understanding about your products & services and make conversions.

An effective web design is very critical factor to the success of your business. In many cases, web design and its functionalities are the key resource through which you convey the overall experience of your business, brand, level of professionalism, level of service, approach of doing business, ability to relate your customer’s needs.

Graphic Designing

The visual graphic speaks a lot about any business and it is very much influential to attract potential customers to the company. Designing and pictorial representation of your business counts completely on graphics designing and how the design is implemented on the site for better branding and promotion of your business. We at Pixel Marketo offer a unique approach to get better online image and corporate identity in the market. We’re passionate about exploiting creativity in digital world. It starts from a simple Logo Design to an entire umbrella of Graphic Design to establish your Brand Identity.

At Pixel Marketo, you will find unique & exclusive solutions for designing your website and other corporate identities viz. Logo, Info-graphics, Videos, Corporate Identities, Emailers, Brochures Banners etc. We are creative mind, bring out the best creativity in graphic design for your business needs. The team at Pixel Marketo is not just designers but experts who have got decent experience and understanding of best creative tools for Graphic Designing.

App Design & Development

78% of the total internet traffic comes from mobile devices, mobile apps are not luxury anymore rather they have become an integral part of business just like a phone number and a website.

We understand the limitations of resources and budget plus a demand of high quality mobile apps to help business generating leads, brand escalations, customer engagements and much more hence we introduced mobile app solution for all kind of businesses.

Our mobile development team consists of design and development scientist whose passion lies in inventive amazing mobile app experience every time when they his their systems, let’s connect to to give you a free of cost mobile app strategy . We are sure it will empower you to convert each possible opportunity in active revenues.

SEO Services

SEO Practices and Search Engine Algorithms are being changed so frequently. It’s no more that traditional SEO we used to see few years back. We have been tracticing SEO for more than 6 years and we have developed an in-depth understanding of modern SEO techniques. Through our experience, we have nurtured the art of placing keywords where they are required to not only to increase the visibility of your website, but also to create a vote of confidence for the authority of your website on the topic that is being searched.

We follow all the defined guidelines of Google’s search engine optimization that don’t leave any stances for your website to be de-categorized as spam or punished. Our services are backed by Organic strategies for long lasting search results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is one of the most effective and targeted forms of digital marketing. These are the text and display ads for your products & services that appear on the largest advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and Twitter Ads. PPC advertising is the most effective technique that lets you analyse each and everything you want from a campaign i.e. CPC, CTR%, ROAS etc.This is the fastest way to increase visibility of your website and sales. This form of advertising is highly successful due to the precise targeting with available tools. Google PPC is also a cost-effective solution. It gives flexibility to manage your budget, so you never spend more than you have allocated for the campaign. And since you only pay when people visit your site, ROI is extremely high compared to other forms of online advertising.

We are AdWords & Bing Ads certified professionals, having experience of more than 7 years in industry. We are skilled in managing large number of campaigns with hefty amount. This is our key area of expertise and we’ve been doing this with utmost accuracy & effectiveness.


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