We have seen many trends in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which would be important factors in the coming years. One of them is voice based searches; the continuous reliance on voice commands have led to the growth of various voices based functioning software and devices.

In mobile platforms we have seen the growth of various voice based virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana.

With the growth of voice recognition technologies we have witnessed remarkable growth in sales of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

In a few years we could witness a complete transition from text based searches to voice based searches.

As Google does not publish the amount of its voice based searches, it is difficult to compute the growth of voice based searches in past 10 years, but there is no debate on the fact that voice based searches will become the default search medium in the future.

Developing voice based technology has its own challenges, there are various complicated issues associated with it. Targeting keywords for analysis which has been status quo for quite some time need to change in favor of long queries based on overall topics.

Voice recognition technology based devices and applications are making people used to surfing the internet using voice, thus the core structure of the website would require a makeover in the future. We could witness visuals from website to fade away making way for voice based optimization is websites.

With the emergence of personal assistants such as Cortana, the query based searches are expected to be quick.

In a nutshell the companies need to be flexible with the emerging trends such as voice based recognition and should be prepared for   undergoing transformational changes in future.

Thinking back, a few unbelievable headways changed the way advertisers worked in 2017.

Automation and AI for the most of 2017 has been the hot topic for the company marketing strategy. Various other political movements such as Trump’s protectionist policies have changed the overall scenario of the markets in USA and worldwide.

Nevertheless here are some strategies which could be used by companies to stay ahead of the game

• Marketers as of now work with everybody in the workplace, yet growth hacking has changed collaboration from an obligation to a need. By quickly testing crosswise over item advancement and showcasing channels, organizations can recognize the most effective approaches to develop. Marketers can collaborate with engineers, architects and different offices to gather the focusing on information important to configuration promoting encounters that catch client consideration.
• For B2C companies programming marketing has become a recent trends which needs to be followed by companies in order to stay successful. New trades for automatic are on the ascent. Some long haul holdouts, for example, LinkedIn, have started to offer enhanced alternatives for focusing on gatherings of people. Littler distributers still battle to coordinate the focusing on capacities of the enormous fish, however more available apparatuses mean automatic proficiency will wind up fundamental.
• Facebook now offers various marketing tools which could be efficiently used by companies in order to promote their products effectively
• Its a no brainer that voice control is the future of the SEO optimization of a company hence company should focus on products based on voice control.

Although it is impossible to predict the future of marketing, but these trends are most likely to become relevant and important part of marketing strategy according to experts.

In a bid to obtain high levels of organic search but there are various aspects that need to be kept in check in order to ensure there are not any major losses during search engine optimization.

  • The web designer should ensure the information on the website is both informative and interesting. To ensure that there should be proper research done on the relevant data and it should be ensured the data based on technology is up to date in order to engage customers in the website and reduce the bounce rate.
  • One should keep a track of the competitor’s content. The trending items and language used by general audience should also be analyzed in order to ensure that audience gets the answers to their queries without even asking for it.
  • Usage of keywords should be promoted while creating website content, and should be conveniently placed in both headlines and body ensuring that they are not placed out of context.

  • Meta titles tell guests and web indexes what any given page is about. In web crawlers come about, meta titles show up as the connected content. In the event that somebody is energized enough to share your stuff via web-based networking media, the Meta title flies up as the main line of content. Meta titles ought to be compact, educational, and exact. They have to catch individuals’ consideration. Google will show the initial 50 to 60 characters of a title — so come to the heart of the matter
  • A good search engine optimization would consist of various keywords which would capture the visitors attention, while writing keywords one must also ensure that the keywords are not too technical and perplexing.
  • One should ensure that long tailed keywords are used so that the keywords are specific to the company’s product and do not get lost by using short key words which could be lost by competitors using similar short keywords.

Search Engine optimization is more of a logical concept where proper research and execution can provide enormous rewards in the form of organic searches and it should be used efficiently.

The search engine results page of Google has consistently became more detail oriented, as user require adequate information about the links before they decide whether to click on the links in result page or not. A usual Google search displays relevant information about the link unlike in traditional search engine which generally display a list of links. Rich results have become a USP of a search engine which also include product review, recipe of a product etc.

Rich results in a search engine have many benefits of its own such as:

  • It makes easier for user to use the search engine and visit the desired website via search engine
  • It ensures lower bounce rate for the search engine
  • Due to detailed information about the results it also help in providing high click through rate, as the information is more easily accessible due to higher efficiency of search engine.
  • All these factors working in tandem would help in increasing the website ranking and net traffic hence rich results is important for a search engine.

    Structured data is all the information of the webpage and its relevant content. The major known structured data are JSON, Micro data and RDFa, of the three JSON is considered the best majorly because of its clear and precise data. Besides that it is being recommended by Google itself, which makes it a default choice of structured data.
    While structure data are the format of the data, schema markup is the language or vocabulary of how the data is written. Search engines such as Google analyze and asses the schema markup to ensure it is correct. As long as markup is not used as hidden content, the markup does not directly affect the organic search of the website.

    In December 2017, Google launched the rich test results tool to analyze whether the given website page is eligible for rich results; it is an efficient tool to quantify the efficiency of the website. If the website is rich enough, it could be sent to the testing tools using Google, although the tool is in its prototype stage it would be an efficient tool in future.

    The can be instances when the content of the website would have to be edited consistently in order to obtain rich results. It could also take 2-3 week to obtain desired rich results; hence patience is a necessary requirement to obtain rich results.

    In conclusion implementing rich data in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the paramount priority for any website, launch of Google rich results tools justifies the importance of rich results in a website.
    Providing more relevant results and information would be the priority for any search engine

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still an important part of any digital marketing strategy of a website, but generating revenue from organic search is still an effective medium for an organization to earn money and popularity on the internet. In fact, numerous organizations, including the London based SEO office – Go Up are working on creating strong, SEO and ensuring that it is search engine friendly.

    Here are some reasons why you should still opt for SEO

    • The systems utilized to enhance SEO still work. Despite the fact that data based on organic traffic from Google was pulled reasonably as of late, the procedures themselves stay sound.
    • The way search engines are developing, it isn’t likely that SEO will stop to be successful whenever within a reasonable time-frame. In some way or another, even sound and video, at last, rely upon catchphrases the same as conventional content-based substance; this connection guarantees the proceeded with the achievement of SEO procedures as long as it exists.
    • Contrasted with the expenses related to different types of online marketing, SEO gives goods returns on investment. While PPC may drive more income and web-based social networking might be more critical for your picture, your natural SEO from various perspectives remains a crucial factor in generating net traffic on your website.
    • Search engine tend to grab more market share than Adwords
    • In the not so distant future, the measure of activity conveyed by cell phones would surpass that of desktop computers. With this rise in mobile usage, SEO methods have opened up for organizations, for instance, local search organizations
    • SEO is more critical than ever, in spite of the present trouble everybody ends up facing with lack of the organic data traffic. Your business certainly needs a SEO methodology set up in the event that you are keen on prevailing regarding digital marketing.

    It’s a no brainer that the Google ranking of a website is the top most priority for any IT company. In today’s world a company’s official website serves as its foundation, no matter how well the products and services the company has to offer without a decent position in Google ranking it cannot become a successful company globally.
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    The 2018 Mobile world congress is to be held in Barcelona on 26 February 2018- 1 March 2018, it is the largest exhibition of mobile phone industry worldwide. Various conferences are held through the congress in which are based on trends, issue and challenges of mobile industry throughout the world.

    Looking forward to mobile phone congress in 2018, it would be convenient to look at the finding of the growing mobile trends in India.

    • In 2020 it is estimated that India would become the largest smart phone market in the world, hence it would be appropriate for mobile manufactures and software developers worldwide to focus on Indian consumers. In India where the android market has a lion’s share of mobile market but there is steady growth of iOS platform users, which explains the Apple decision to manufacture their I-phones in India.
    • In the era of cloud computing demands of applications which could sync and store data on cloud are increasing but in case of India internet penetration and connectivity still remains a major issue , hence developers need to create application in which sharing or storage of data could be done offline.
    • In the past 5 years India has undergone rapid socio-economic changes, for instance during demonetization in 2016 the usage of mobile wallet apps such as Paytm, M-pesa increased significantly. At its peak in 2016 Paytm was conducting 529 transactions per second. Hence while developing apps for Indian population the developers should keep a watch on socio-economic situation of India in order to provide maximum benefits to customers and generate a large market share thus ensuring a win-win situation
      Internet of Things is another emerging trend which has a huge scope and potential in India various applications with assistance of government of India could help in providing important information to important information such as health care facility, logistics, governance etc.
    • With 4g services increasing becoming cheaper in India, application with rich video content are in high demand, hence designer should focus on creating a applications with rich video content.
      According to a survey from business wire the consumer spending on Augment and Virtual reality products would reach $143.3 billion in 2020, in which India would have a major share. Besides entertainment there are various outcomes with these innovations which can be useful to rising economies. The innovations can help planners, structural architects, and vehicle fashioners make better outlines for structures and autos. Medicinal experts can have a superior perspective of human life structures with AR and VR.

    Online Marketing Is The Group Of Powerful Tools Which Is Used To Promoting The Product Or Services. Through The Internet Medium.

    Online Marketing Has A Wider Range As Compare The Traditional Marketing Because Through Online Marketing We Can Promote Our Product Or Services Through Website, Face Book Or Digital Marketing Or Social Media Marketing. On Other Hand Traditional Marketing Is Also A Most Recognized Type Of Marketing There Are Several Type Of Traditional Marketing Are- Print, Broadcast, Telephone, Newspaper Etc.
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