The 2018 Mobile world congress is to be held in Barcelona on 26 February 2018- 1 March 2018, it is the largest exhibition of mobile phone industry worldwide. Various conferences are held through the congress in which are based on trends, issue and challenges of mobile industry throughout the world.

Looking forward to mobile phone congress in 2018, it would be convenient to look at the finding of the growing mobile trends in India.

  • In 2020 it is estimated that India would become the largest smart phone market in the world, hence it would be appropriate for mobile manufactures and software developers worldwide to focus on Indian consumers. In India where the android market has a lion’s share of mobile market but there is steady growth of iOS platform users, which explains the Apple decision to manufacture their I-phones in India.
  • In the era of cloud computing demands of applications which could sync and store data on cloud are increasing but in case of India internet penetration and connectivity still remains a major issue , hence developers need to create application in which sharing or storage of data could be done offline.
  • In the past 5 years India has undergone rapid socio-economic changes, for instance during demonetization in 2016 the usage of mobile wallet apps such as Paytm, M-pesa increased significantly. At its peak in 2016 Paytm was conducting 529 transactions per second. Hence while developing apps for Indian population the developers should keep a watch on socio-economic situation of India in order to provide maximum benefits to customers and generate a large market share thus ensuring a win-win situation
    Internet of Things is another emerging trend which has a huge scope and potential in India various applications with assistance of government of India could help in providing important information to important information such as health care facility, logistics, governance etc.
  • With 4g services increasing becoming cheaper in India, application with rich video content are in high demand, hence designer should focus on creating a applications with rich video content.
    According to a survey from business wire the consumer spending on Augment and Virtual reality products would reach $143.3 billion in 2020, in which India would have a major share. Besides entertainment there are various outcomes with these innovations which can be useful to rising economies. The innovations can help planners, structural architects, and vehicle fashioners make better outlines for structures and autos. Medicinal experts can have a superior perspective of human life structures with AR and VR.