User experience is the life line of any marketing strategy, without positive user experience no marketing product can survive, if a website faces negative user experience then the marketing strategy need to be modified in order to obtain a positive user experience. User experience provides a feed about how the user feels about the company. It is estimated that by 2020 user experience would be single most important brand differentiator surpassing both price and brand. User experience can reduce bounce rates for a website .It is estimated that for every rupee spent on User experience there is expected returns of about 100 rupees this making user experience a profitable venture for companies

There are various instances where User experience has done wonder to companies

  • ESPN has experienced unprecedented user base and profits after modifying its website features based on customer feedback.
  • bounce rate reduced by 15% after adopting continuous scroll.

User experience is more than just user design and products, its more about functionality and how the website could be used made efficient and accessible for the user, it should take least time for the visitor to access data which he is seeking. It is estimated that there is 90% chance that the visitor would switch to competitors website if he finds

Any successful User Interface consist of various features such as

  • value to directly attract potential consumers, it should clearly visible to visitor
  • usability to make data easily accessible to the visitors,
  • functionality to ensure that every element and feature of the site has a particular and specific purpose
  • adaptability the website is equally able to function is various devices and platforms to ensure large user base,
  • navigation to ensure the website is easy to use and to access information,
  • Eye catching design to instantly grab customer’s attention without distracting from content.

Almost all first impression on the website are based on design related, online customers are less likely to return after bad experience, judgments on website credibility and authenticity are based on website’s overall design.

In conclusion we could say that a website without obtaining customer feedback would be a fatal decision which would eventually lead to shutting down of company, in this ever changing competitive environment it is necessary for company to innovate and modify their websites based on user experience.