Email is one the most powerful tools a company could use to communicate with its existing and potential customers, the inbox of the visitors email could be a useful medium to directly ensure that the customer gets information about the company’s latest products and services. If used efficiently it could efficiently improve customer base more than any other social media platform. According to the top marketing experts email is the most effective medium for small to medium businesses to connect to customers and it is the most cost effective method to gain customer base.

Here are various marketing tips to ensure higher customer engagement among subscribers

  • Using new signups strategy the website could ensure net traffic on the website. By providing various incentives such as premium discount on signup would ensure a higher rate of subscription. While displaying the subscription message on the website, these aspect need to be looked upon
    • The subject line should be conversational
    • The website should inform the benefits of signing up
    • The welcome message should have link to access to the company’s social media page on various platform
  • Post sign up the websites must ensure that there are thank you mails sent to every new subscriber, this small gesture could do wonder to the customer base. As the thank you mail provides a sense of gratitude towards the new subscriber. The thank you note could be an effective medium to inform the customer about latest offers and benefits of subscription.
  • Sending teaser email to subscriber would generate a sense of curiosity among the subscriber and would help in increasing the net traffic in the company’s website. There should be effective storytelling in order to ensure subscriber retentively.
  • By continuously providing the customers with latest and upcoming offers would ensure that customers are informed about latest updates and events based on company.
  • Using various promotional contest such as benefits of sending subscription request to friends would ensure higher subscription of email, as it is basic human psychology that a customer is inclined to freebies and offers.

Besides all these measure company can do a lot to retain customer engagement such as periodically asking for customer feedback, reminder email and regular social media contest to sustain customer subscription.