We have seen many trends in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which would be important factors in the coming years. One of them is voice based searches; the continuous reliance on voice commands have led to the growth of various voices based functioning software and devices.

In mobile platforms we have seen the growth of various voice based virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana.

With the growth of voice recognition technologies we have witnessed remarkable growth in sales of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

In a few years we could witness a complete transition from text based searches to voice based searches.

As Google does not publish the amount of its voice based searches, it is difficult to compute the growth of voice based searches in past 10 years, but there is no debate on the fact that voice based searches will become the default search medium in the future.

Developing voice based technology has its own challenges, there are various complicated issues associated with it. Targeting keywords for analysis which has been status quo for quite some time need to change in favor of long queries based on overall topics.

Voice recognition technology based devices and applications are making people used to surfing the internet using voice, thus the core structure of the website would require a makeover in the future. We could witness visuals from website to fade away making way for voice based optimization is websites.

With the emergence of personal assistants such as Cortana, the query based searches are expected to be quick.

In a nutshell the companies need to be flexible with the emerging trends such as voice based recognition and should be prepared for   undergoing transformational changes in future.