Web design is an important part of any business; it would be a grave mistake to overlook the digital presence of a business. To ensure consistent business growth one must ensure that that the web design is taken into consideration while creating a business strategy.

An impressive web design creates a sense of trust among the viewers; a website is the face of the company the more satisfactory the website performance more likely the customer will purchase goods.
Below are some tried and tested approaches to ensure a positive and satisfactory experience for designers.

  • Using video in your website generates interest among the viewers, it depends on you whether you wish to incorporate video on the home page or specific website. According to a recent survey by Statisa more than 3/4th of internet users worldwide view at videos while surfing hence it becomes more obvious to add videos in your website
  • A visitor tends to use minimum effort while surfing hence it is quite unlikely that he would click the link to obtain information about the website; here parallax scrolling comes to the rescue.
  • Parallax scrolling ensures that information about the website is conveyed to the visitor with an effort of a scroll
  • Using animation tools would help in making the website more interactive and interesting. Several websites such as Facebook, Airbnb use animation to attract visitors.
  • Using typography boring text could be transformed into an interesting visual article. It completely depends on how you use typography during web design.
  • AI is an emerging feature prevalent in web designs. A chatbot is one of the AI tools which is prominently used by the website which helps in promoting interaction with users.

Websites must be designed from the customers’ point to view, it should represent the brand and provide users the relevant information they seek while buying a product.