In the world of marketing web designing and graphic designing seem to be similar concepts but if we look deeper it would come into notice that web designing and graphic designing have various differences hence are used in different industries differently.

Website are more of dynamic medium compared to a physical design, website offer a more interactive medium. Also web designer need to ensure that the website is a good experience for the customer. Although both web and graphic designers have a great part of similar ranges of abilities as web designers. They both know typography, shading palettes, and the tenets of structure and formats. In many instances web designers focus on how these components influence online interactivity and convenience. Web designers need to ensure that their file sizes are less and easy to load ensuring that there is a proper balance between quality and quantity. Web designers need to ensure that their digital content is appropriate visible in various devices and web browsers in order to obtain a diversified and large market share. Web designers are also concerned about the broad application of their design. Web designers have to consistently advance their designs in order to ensure stable and steady growth of the websites. Web designers need to be constantly in touch with their customers through the medium of various websites such as Google analytics in order to ensure that their website is popular and up to date. Unlike graphic designers who tend to work in isolation web designers need to be work in sync in web developers in order to ensure feasibility of the setting up and designing of website, in a bid to maintain feasibility of a website there can be instances where the web designers could lose focus on his original design goals, hence the web designer need to ensure that website is feasible without compromising the quality content.

Both Graphic and Web Designers use the concept of digital storytelling in order to promote products and services of a company but they are employed in different industries and departments although often the description of a graphic and web designer overlap, it is important to ensure that these two aspects of designing are used appropriately according to needs and demands of the company.