Imagine yourself to be in the 1950s with no internet, mobile phone or a personal computer, most of your daily affairs would become almost impossible to conduct, that’s the beauty of automation. Automation has provided a convenient option for us to provide a convenient option to conduct task more effectively and efficiently.

Automation as of now exists in about many types of medium namely Robotics, Automobiles, Appliances and virtual applications. The potential of automation is endless, in today world almost every industry uses the tools of automation in order to achieve positive results. This technological innovation is the most versatile innovation and could work in the various environment whether its land, sea or air.

But like two sides of a coin, this technology has its own drawbacks, for instance, the issue of layoffs in various sectors such as IT industry is an obvious flaw, also it also has made us very lazy and dependent on technology for even basic tasks such as buying grocery. Although these products can also be used in the various industry their task is limited to simple decisions and they lack the human intellect to perform complex tasks.

So, the most rational solution for automation should be to ensure that they are used for efficient usage for social causes and benefit of humanity, also we should ensure that we don’t become too dependent on technology.

Why Search Marketing Matters in 2018?

When it comes to marketing we could see that marketing was based on seeking customer base, there was too much content which was based on seeking out businesses on their own terms. But now the whole spectrum of business has changed, now customers are seeking more about how could companies ensure that the product formed is exactly what customers are seeking for.

Also, now with user base shifting from pc to mobile the search results of only the first 5 page are relevant whereas rest of the pages are termed are irrelevant.

The major trends in search marketing are new customer journey, blockchain and decentralized economy, optimized voice search and strategies for search transformation.

In conclusion, we could say that search marketing is a vital part of marketing and now marketers need to be more specific compared to previous search engines.

creating a Voice search based strategy

During the launch of Siri in 2011, it was believed to be the future of voice-based search command and it would become the default market leader for voice-based searches for years to come, but since then many devices such as Alexa, Google home have more become popular than Siri and it won’t be surprising to see Siri become history if the current trends continue. The AI technology serves as the backbone for voice-based searches which ensure that accurate searches are provided.

So it is very important to ensure that certain precautions are taken care of while creating a voice-based strategy.

According to Google voice-based search are used regularly because of their convenience and allowing users to multitask, thus making the daily routine of users easier.

There is a difference in approach about how the user uses voice-based and text-based searches, the content creators should take the help of various SEO tools to obtain efficiency.

The content of the site and its data should be optimized according to customers journey which ensures the availability of the customer through voice search in case of any issues faced by the customer.

Another strategy could be using certain actions which are exclusively customized for devices such as Alexa, this could help in creating awareness about such devices.

Also, websites should be optimized according to smartphones and a majority of voice-based searches are based on mobile phones.

Using all these measures it is possible to create an effective voice-based strategy which could ensure a company’s success.

Not just good content, it is also necessary that the content of the website is properly optimized so that it could be effectively optimize the content to obtain maximum benefits.

The user should first and foremost catalogue the content so that the customer can obtain the bird’s eye view of it and could be effectively used to obtain relevant traffic.

The content should also be effectively organized in order to obtain the desired traffic, there is also a need to analyse the existing organic traffic and retrospect on the need for change or increasing the quantity of the current category of organic traffic. Using this strategy one could get to know that whether goal for the audience are clear or not, or whether pages have been optimized for too many pages or pages are too technical or perplexing for general audience.

Using the above strategies the content should be organized on the webpages in order to obtain maximum and relevant traffic.

The effect of the keyword in research has become a thing of the past, even using the keyword in the text of webpage has now become a thing of the past. But that does not mean that one must completely abandon the keyword research in lieu of content creation.
There is still a need for effective use of words, here are some measure to ensure that
• The goals of the word usage should be well defined which should ensure increase sales. Increase in traffic should not become a priority as conversion rates are low in that case.
• A special emphasis should also be made on building awareness as it would directly assist in improving sales.
• Usage of money phrases such as cheap products or premium product help in creating relevant searches in the company’s website.
• Although money phrases are important one must ensure that they are not overused
• Comprehensive contents usage would ensure the website become authoritative, authoritative websites are the top priority of search engines while ranking. It is also mentioned in Google’s quality service guidelines.
• Keywords are a window into what clients need, the client goal. Google Trends is a decent platform to distinguish changes in how catchphrases are being utilized.
• Google Trends will enable you to perceive how states are inclining up, slanting down,drifting in a repeating design and recognize territorial examples.
• Understanding repetitive and local examples will better enable you to know when to reveal certain sorts of substance and furthermore to comprehend to center your external link establishment in specific areas for specific expressions since those expressions will be more prevalent in those districts. This is an important factor.
In conclusion, we could say that keywords need to be more specific, the keyword strategy should be based on user intent and user interface should also be prime objective while setting up a keyword strategy.

The impact of internet on retail industry is beyond words. The paradigm shift of off-line to online customers has been unprecedented. The convenience of on-the-go real time online shopping with discount offers seems more convenient than going to brick and mortar stores to buy commodities.

Artificial intelligence has been effectively used in app and websites using chat bots and conveniently tailored suggestions based on customers’ previous searches and purchases.

Despites all these technological breakthroughs desired innovations in search engines are the most sought out to ensure improvements in retail sector.

Many prominent search engines today lack accuracy for example Google in a search for veg food showed a display of 19 non veg dishes out of its 40. This type of inaccuracy would cause a major loss in web traffic.

Search engine optimization needs to be accurate and apt in the localities, with the growth of business there is an increase in competition and to ensure that there are no loose ends the company must take a good look at the performance of local SEO.

Certain factors could be taken to ensure the efficiency of the local SEO such as adoption of localized voice search in an SEO is a must, as it is no secret that voice search would become the future standard of the medium of search hence companies should work on voice search for SEO

There also must be laid profound emphasis on customer sentiment which would ensure that the searches are based on relevance based on local interactions.
In order to ensure that the searches are appropriate, the company should also ensure that the searches of the website are consistent which would ensure effective local SEO strategy.

Google has become a global standard for Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing strategies of organizations are centered on Google’s SEO. Google is the best source of digital advertisements.
Here are some instances where Google is doing right when it comes to digital marketing.

For starters, Google has introduced an SEO audit to its lighthouse extension which helps in analyzing a website’s basic SEO which would help the website to work better.
Google has also made significant improvements in its search engine console, for example, the search engine of Google also consist of various filters through which the companies can assess the performance of their SEO more effectively.

There also have been major improvements in the Google’s SEO guide, using this guide you can learn all the basic of organic search and the science behind it using various mediums such as blog and web pages.

Despite various concerns on privacy and its founder Mr. Zuckerberg testifying before US Congress Facebook still remains one of the most sought out social media platform thanks to its global widespread popularity and easy user interface.

2/3 US Adults are Facebook users and 74% percent of them claim to log into website daily at least once. These statistics are evidence of Facebook unmatched popularity.

There are various tools in Facebook user page which could be used as an effective marketing strategy.
Facebook page can be used to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the company’s page by effectively advertising the company by using Facebook to reach out to users worldwide. By posting relevant data of the company such as product offering, operating business hours etc. would boost the company’s popularity and create a sense of genuineness of the company among users and potential customers.
Creating a business page which has a location would provide important location data for users to reach out to the company. Also, these pages could be used to gain ratings and reviews which would help in the efficient implementation of SEO.

Using the call to action button would encourage users to interact directly with the company which would help create a better understanding between the two parties. Other options include messenger which chat-bots which help the company to be in contact with users 24/7.

Also ensuring that the duplicate and unofficial page of the company are reported to Facebook authorities to ensure geniuses in company’s intentions.

All these measurements are generally taken by top companies worldwide and should become a standard for every emerging company to ensure efficient marketing goals are achieved.

There are various search engines are present on the internet which helps customers search and compare various products. There are various search engines such as Sky Scanner and Money supermarket which are specialized to various sectors such as flights, insurance etc.

Today’s popular search engines are not dedicated enough to provide specific coverage on a particular industry such as vertical search engines are.

Price is one market which is still untapped as a search engine.

Price searcher is an emerging search engine which provides detail information about the prices, purchase history, payment and delivery information about a product which would help in making purchase decisions for a product.

Prior to launching Price searcher its CEO worked in ecommerce business in 16 years. He found that irrespective of many innovations in the internet finding the price of a particular product was still a challenge for customers. So prior to launching the website dedicated to prices, he personally ensured that everything on the website was perfect and devoid of any errors.

In 2014, Dean discovered his first colleague to work with him on the venture was Raja Akhtar, a PHP designer taking a shot at a scope of internet business ventures, who went ahead board as Pricesearcher’s Head of Web Development, Dean met   Akhtar through the free lance website People per Hour, and the two started working  at Pricesearcher together in their extra time, assembling the lines of code in 2015. The beta version of Pricesearcher was launched next year.

During initial days the website was funded by the Dean himself, but he ensured that there were no compromises on quality.

Price searcher started by directly processing feeds from online retailers . Eventually many prominent retailers such as Amazon became a retail partner of the website and  it became a data warehouses of prices.

One of the  unique aspects of the website is that it lets the user  track the price changes of the product, thus making appropriate judgments about the  best time to buy a product.

Price searcher is currently working on PPC model which is scheduled to launch in 2019, it is aimed to provide information such as returning customers.

The success of price searcher is proof  of the fact that in future search engine with vertical search algorithm would become more prominent, in 2016 Alphabet (parent company of Google) stated that vertical  search engine is  one of  its biggest threat.

There is a possibility that vertical search engines would become the leader in SEO in future.