The effect of the keyword in research has become a thing of the past, even using the keyword in the text of webpage has now become a thing of the past. But that does not mean that one must completely abandon the keyword research in lieu of content creation.
There is still a need for effective use of words, here are some measure to ensure that
• The goals of the word usage should be well defined which should ensure increase sales. Increase in traffic should not become a priority as conversion rates are low in that case.
• A special emphasis should also be made on building awareness as it would directly assist in improving sales.
• Usage of money phrases such as cheap products or premium product help in creating relevant searches in the company’s website.
• Although money phrases are important one must ensure that they are not overused
• Comprehensive contents usage would ensure the website become authoritative, authoritative websites are the top priority of search engines while ranking. It is also mentioned in Google’s quality service guidelines.
• Keywords are a window into what clients need, the client goal. Google Trends is a decent platform to distinguish changes in how catchphrases are being utilized.
• Google Trends will enable you to perceive how states are inclining up, slanting down,drifting in a repeating design and recognize territorial examples.
• Understanding repetitive and local examples will better enable you to know when to reveal certain sorts of substance and furthermore to comprehend to center your external link establishment in specific areas for specific expressions since those expressions will be more prevalent in those districts. This is an important factor.
In conclusion, we could say that keywords need to be more specific, the keyword strategy should be based on user intent and user interface should also be prime objective while setting up a keyword strategy.

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