Imagine yourself to be in the 1950s with no internet, mobile phone or a personal computer, most of your daily affairs would become almost impossible to conduct, that’s the beauty of automation. Automation has provided a convenient option for us to provide a convenient option to conduct task more effectively and efficiently.

Automation as of now exists in about many types of medium namely Robotics, Automobiles, Appliances and virtual applications. The potential of automation is endless, in today world almost every industry uses the tools of automation in order to achieve positive results. This technological innovation is the most versatile innovation and could work in the various environment whether its land, sea or air.

But like two sides of a coin, this technology has its own drawbacks, for instance, the issue of layoffs in various sectors such as IT industry is an obvious flaw, also it also has made us very lazy and dependent on technology for even basic tasks such as buying grocery. Although these products can also be used in the various industry their task is limited to simple decisions and they lack the human intellect to perform complex tasks.

So, the most rational solution for automation should be to ensure that they are used for efficient usage for social causes and benefit of humanity, also we should ensure that we don’t become too dependent on technology.