Google Maps Virtual Tour

Imagine the kind of business you get when your customers get to see the Google Maps Virtual Tour. It is a visual treat for sure. 360 Degree Virtual Tour is a online presence of your business. Customer can walk in virtually as they visit your business premises physically. Your trusted clients and even potential clients get to analyze well with the reviews they have read, photos they have seen, information they have read and all in a Google Maps Virtual Tour. It basically increases the trust in your brand & enhance your digital presence online. Not only does your competitor envy you but you built a brand trusting within the customers.

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Benefits of 360 Virtual Tour

  • Gives you tour analytics- you can know how many visitors liked your tour, viewed them and had a say.
  • Navigation towards floor plan- by adding floor plan to Google Maps Virtual Tour the experience becomes interactive.
  • Hotspot feature- It gives the customer a feeling of actually being there. All that customers are expected is to tap the hotspot and walk through the space to experience the same.
  • Showcase your business 24×7 & 365 days to your customer, even if your shop is closed after working hours.
  • Increase the trust in your brand, make it more visible & be interactive.

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