Despite various concerns on privacy and its founder Mr. Zuckerberg testifying before US Congress Facebook still remains one of the most sought out social media platform thanks to its global widespread popularity and easy user interface.

2/3 US Adults are Facebook users and 74% percent of them claim to log into website daily at least once. These statistics are evidence of Facebook unmatched popularity.

There are various tools in Facebook user page which could be used as an effective marketing strategy.
Facebook page can be used to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the company’s page by effectively advertising the company by using Facebook to reach out to users worldwide. By posting relevant data of the company such as product offering, operating business hours etc. would boost the company’s popularity and create a sense of genuineness of the company among users and potential customers.
Creating a business page which has a location would provide important location data for users to reach out to the company. Also, these pages could be used to gain ratings and reviews which would help in the efficient implementation of SEO.

Using the call to action button would encourage users to interact directly with the company which would help create a better understanding between the two parties. Other options include messenger which chat-bots which help the company to be in contact with users 24/7.

Also ensuring that the duplicate and unofficial page of the company are reported to Facebook authorities to ensure geniuses in company’s intentions.

All these measurements are generally taken by top companies worldwide and should become a standard for every emerging company to ensure efficient marketing goals are achieved.