There are various search engines are present on the internet which helps customers search and compare various products. There are various search engines such as Sky Scanner and Money supermarket which are specialized to various sectors such as flights, insurance etc.

Today’s popular search engines are not dedicated enough to provide specific coverage on a particular industry such as vertical search engines are.

Price is one market which is still untapped as a search engine.

Price searcher is an emerging search engine which provides detail information about the prices, purchase history, payment and delivery information about a product which would help in making purchase decisions for a product.

Prior to launching Price searcher its CEO worked in ecommerce business in 16 years. He found that irrespective of many innovations in the internet finding the price of a particular product was still a challenge for customers. So prior to launching the website dedicated to prices, he personally ensured that everything on the website was perfect and devoid of any errors.

In 2014, Dean discovered his first colleague to work with him on the venture was Raja Akhtar, a PHP designer taking a shot at a scope of internet business ventures, who went ahead board as Pricesearcher’s Head of Web Development, Dean met   Akhtar through the free lance website People per Hour, and the two started working  at Pricesearcher together in their extra time, assembling the lines of code in 2015. The beta version of Pricesearcher was launched next year.

During initial days the website was funded by the Dean himself, but he ensured that there were no compromises on quality.

Price searcher started by directly processing feeds from online retailers . Eventually many prominent retailers such as Amazon became a retail partner of the website and  it became a data warehouses of prices.

One of the  unique aspects of the website is that it lets the user  track the price changes of the product, thus making appropriate judgments about the  best time to buy a product.

Price searcher is currently working on PPC model which is scheduled to launch in 2019, it is aimed to provide information such as returning customers.

The success of price searcher is proof  of the fact that in future search engine with vertical search algorithm would become more prominent, in 2016 Alphabet (parent company of Google) stated that vertical  search engine is  one of  its biggest threat.

There is a possibility that vertical search engines would become the leader in SEO in future.